The Rover robot was one of my first builds. The main part of the chassis was constructed of two cannibalized Power Wheels ride-on toys I had purchased from a Goodwill store (a popular parts source for me). For motor control I used 4 - relay "H-bridge" that I drove with a DIP packaged Dalrlington transistor array. The controller was a Parallax Basic Stamp II which would receive its commands over a pair of walkie talkies using the VOX function and a modem chip. Commands were sent from a pre-historic laptop running a QBasic program in DOS. The wireless camera (white in photos) was an independent system. The only downfall was that camera had 300 yard range but the walkie talkies had 2-3 mile range posing some obvious problems! In the end I had my first "magic smoke" experience when the Darlington array quite literally blew up.



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