Rothenbuhler Engineering (Internship)
The circuits pictured were all either ones I constructed or worked with over the course of my summer internship (2005), 
rough descriptions are as follow:
    #1 This was a prototype 900 Mhz OEM radio that I retrofitted to work with the company's existing product packaging and battery.
   #2 This was an autonomous tester that would sequentially fire electromagnets to trigger the devices internal reed switches for consistent side-by-side range testing.
   #3 RF directional coupler I assembled for the RF test bench in the engineering department.
   #4 I added a bluetooth module to an existing radio product to test potential added filters.
   #5 This was an Atmel based 5 channel data logging circuit for general purpose use in the engineering department.
   #6 This circuit was a 2 channel PWM generator with both hardware potentiometer adjustments and RS-232 based setup.
   #7 This board was simply a general purpose board I built for one of the other interns so that he only needed to write software for his project.
   #8 This project was an automatic radio range tester that was tied to a GPS and would log signal strength vs line of sight distance in HyperTerminal. 

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