04/26/2011 Check out the new section "Recent Activities" under this tab. (NEW)

04/01/2011 NCUR is coming to a close, check out the new pics of all the cool stuff from the convention.

03/24/2011 I now have up a set of tutorial videos I made last night to show you how I printed my boards.

03/23/2011 Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Printed Circuit Boards made at home, for CHEAP!

03/15/2011 New links on the links page, Robotzeitgeist.com!

02/23/2011 New videos added to the BumbleBot page, some of the coolest video on this site!

02/09/2011 New projects added to my portfolio, including video!

02/09/2011 The site is now indexed by Google!

02/08/2011 Check out the updated Links page for some pretty useful sites.

02/07/2011 Full site is now online!

02/06/2011 Check back here for our latest updates coming soon!

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