Senior Capstone Project

This was to be my seinor capstone research and design project which is a standalone microcontroler based stereo camera. (now a personal project) This idea, as far as I can tell, is a new one and will become the SkratCam stereo vision system when completed (estimated selling price $165) The targeted design specifications will be to track with full (x,y,z) location up to 50 separated objects at 10 fps. The muscle behind this project is ST Micros new ARM Cortex M3 processor featuring a beefy 72 Mhz/90 MIPS and a plethora of powerful peripherals. The proof of concept has already been completed as a DSP class project using web cams and MATLAB. This project can be seen in the portfolio page or HERE. This paper has also been selected to be presented at the National Convention on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) this spring.

Muskrat Micros - Embedded Solutions for the Masses