This was by far my most unique robotics project, at the time I had no way to do any welding so I enlisted the help of the shop manager in Rothenbuhler's shop, (which didn't take much work). The basic idea is that the weight of the battery in the bottom of the chassis provides the needed moment about the axle to propel the platform forward. The original controller was a Harbor Freight R/C airplane remote that I had hacked. Since the receiver output was two PWM signals I used a microcontroller to read the individual duty cycles and use the information to generate control signals. Even with software filtering this approach was prone to glitches due to poor quality radios.  I eventually constructed a controller with a hacked PC joystick and a pair of 900 Mhz radio modems. While the platform worked well by remote finding an effective method of mounting proximity sensors proved to be difficult as the platform swings back and forth drastically (sometimes violently) with varying terrain.


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