BobbleBot 1.0

The BobbleBot was my first foray into the area of ballancing robots, a topic which has allways facinated me. The drive motors are continious rotation modified servo motors attached to foam model airplane wheels. The processesor in this version of the project is an Atmel Atmega128 development board from Futurlec Electroincs. At this point the robot uses a downward facing Sharp IR rangefinder to determine it's vertical position. The downside of this approach is that the sensor is highly sensitive to the refelectivity of the surface on which it is operating (such as carpet in the images below)


In the version to follow the single sensor was replaced by a matched Front/Rear pair so reguardless of surface a useful reading could be made (presuming a uniformly refelctive surface) The catch was the new construction methods caused the robot to be far more difficult to control so it has been sidelined untill I have completed my course in control systems this quarter at which point I can implement a Kahlman filter/PID for motor control.
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