Muskrat Micros is a site created with the short term purpose of creating an online resource for potential employers to learn more about me, my diverse background, and design skillset. The long term purpose, however, is to provide an outlet in which to distribute any marketable products resulting from my scholastic and hobby design work such as the SkratCam stereo vision system (stemming from my Senior Capstone), and BobbleBot balancing robotics platform (originating from a for-fun robotics project). Hopefully the corresponding income will counterbalance my electronics "toy budget" (which my wife would appreciate!). As I hope is evident from my wide variety of just-for-fun projects Electrical Engineering is my passion, not just a paycheck.

Thanks for checking us out and don't forget to check back often, exciting things are coming!

-Brian Hainey

You can also look me up on Linkedin to learn more.

Feel free to send me an E-mail if you have any questions!

    Preparing for a range test at Rothenbuhler Engineering

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