At this point in time my engineering studies are my biggest priority, check back  NEW PRODUCTS COMING THIS SUMMER!

- SkratCam stereo vision system (anticipated for release summer 2011)
- BobbleBot balancing robot (anticipated for release fall 2011)

The BobbleBot is intended to be an inexpensive entry level balancing robotics platform. The user can choose from three levels of control:

1) Default - the platform will come with a pre-installed "demo mode". 

2) Directional control - at this level the user inputs their desired direction of travel and the onboard processor converts that command into motor controls. 

3) Complete control - if you don't like the way I have the robot control working or if you want to make other modifications a complete schematic of the control circuit will be provided and new code for the controller can be downloaded (or replaced by the factory HEX file)

The SkratCam is a standalone stereo vision system that I am building for my senior capstone project at Eastern Washington University. I will be cleaning up the completed project and then offering the production version for sale here on my site. For more information on the design specs, you can visit the above SkratCam link. Check back soon!
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